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n. What one has when the tissue sticks to one's penis after using tissue on one's penis to clean ejaculate.
n. an insult suggesting the receiver is equivalent to a penis with tissue stuck to it after ejaculating into tissue.
1) I'm not looking to get laid tonight, I have tissue dick and that shit hurts to remove.
2) Just go to the party with us! Dont be such a tissue dick.
by stacked3x August 11, 2009
n. Money

n. a wad of cash, made up of multiples of different bills.

see also gwap or rain
My pocket's full of bankfaces, I'll buy the first round.

Check out this stack of bankfaces! Its gonna be a good night.
by stacked3x December 03, 2010
v. to arive at a location with a friend and leave them to find their own way home. Or, "to be feranted" would be to arrive with a friend, said friend leaves, and being stuck to find your own ride home.
1) Yeah I'll be there, But I'll have to ferante Adam so I can go meet up with Kelly.
2) Hey man, Paul totally feranted me at Jim's, can I get a ride? I'll ride gay seat if I have too.
3) Dude, you feranted Brett at Jer's? You know no one will take him home.
by stacked3x August 11, 2009

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