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The only unique school in VA. Closest to DC of other commonwealth schools, beautiful campus, more people living on campus than most other schools, diverse student body, better value than DC schools. If you want to go somewhere that not everyone looks the same and there's an unofficial uniform of uggs and north face (i.e.- Tech, Radford, JMU) or where people are overly stuck up and have outdated methods and campuses (i.e.- UVA, W&M, Gtown, GW) Mason is a great option. Not one kind of student there. Mason has been growing hugely over the last few years (right after I graduated). Facilities are amazing! Great basketball team is bonus.
I'm going to George Mason University so I can get a good education, be an individual and be near the most powerful city in the country.
by staceytee January 17, 2010

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