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A high school in ft.lauderdale where the kids are rich the teams are amazing and pretty much everyone thinks they're awesome. the the girls are either hot sluts or ugly bitches (with the occasional hot bitch or ugly slut) and the majority of boys are douchebags but attractive douchbags so the girls pretty much just throw themselves at them. Pastimes include getting drunk, smoking weed, partying and eating aloma cookies. There are many cliques at st.thomas including preps, jocks, and loosers. the teachers dont give a shit about anything and let the kids do whatever they want. because sta is known for acedemics the teachers usually bump the grades up at the end of the quarter so they feel accomplished. The football team is amazing and everybody goes to the games but is there really any question who will win? Most of the kids are only at st thomas for the football team and to say "do you know who i am? i go to st.thomas so gtfo". so welcome to sta famous for Brian Piccalo, Michael Irvin, Sanya Richards, chris everett and many more. Some also may note that The owner of Diamond supply co., Hi-rez(rapper) and the daughters of Dan marino and Kim Bokamper are past or current resedents also note worthy the great grandson of walt disney attends st.thomas but on a a less worthy note girls act like worthless sluts and the boys think they're the sexiest things alive. Students "sleep all day and party all night" but hey whos complaining?
st.thomas aquinas high school is popular for Calini, "shit sta girls say", Asking teachers if they can have "stick", aloma cookies, fries, long masses, sucky pep rallys, crowded homerooms, girls spending hours looking at themselves in the mirrors, thinking they're better than anyone else.
by st.thomas knowlege center March 05, 2012
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