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coming down from a weed high
Me: Dude, every time we've been coming down from a high we've been at O'Connor's.
Tess: Wow, you're right. Well, O'Connor sucks almost as much ass as coming back down from a high, so let's just call it going to O'Connor's!
Me: Sounds like a plan.
by sssssc August 14, 2006
smoking weed/being under its influence
Me: Dude, let's go watch Date Movie while watching Date Movie!
Alek: Sounds good.
by sssssc August 14, 2006
getting extremely baked
Tess: Yeah, I'll be over at Allie's baking cookies.
Tess' mom: Alright, sounds like a healthy, wholesome pastime to me.
by sssssc August 14, 2006

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