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Its a pipe. Plain and simple. Derived from piece.
"Pass me that peezo bro"
by sssshhhhhh January 23, 2007
This is what bloods in the Seattle area call the city to piss off crips.
Sup blood? Lets roll to Beattle.
by sssshhhhhh January 23, 2007
I don't remember how I came up with this but the first time I can think of me saying it was at Evergreen State College. It basically means weed, chronic, bud, dank, whatever. It can be a bowl, blunt, spliff, whatever. "Bungalow" is the actual weed, but if you say "a bungalow" its refering to the spliff, blunt, loaded peezo etc. that your going to smoke.
"Yo, whats up on a bungalow dude?"

"Let's take a break in the bungalow"
by sssshhhhhh January 23, 2007
It's simple. Elton John is gay right? So instead of saying gay you say Elton John, it doesn't always work so don't get caught sounding retarded.
Dude who slices his finger open:"fucking Elton John"!!
by sssshhhhhh January 23, 2007

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