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2 definitions by ssj3gotenks

a grass pokemon that resembles a bud of dank! Roselia is Drew's closest pokemon from the show. The pokemon's main attacks are razor leaf, grasswhistle, and other grass moves. It can be found in the wild in Mauville City.
Roselia, I choose you!
by ssj3gotenks July 05, 2005
19 8
A pair of humorous, yet stupid villians that try to steal Ash's Pikachu, pretty much using the same stupid techniques. They allways have a new motto every episode but here's the best one.

Prepare for trouble i'm extremely baked
And make it double for heavens sake
To protect the world from devasation
to unite all peoples within our nation
to denounce the evils of truth and love
to extend our reach to the stars above
Jesse! James! Team rocket smokes a blunt at the speed of light!
Surrounder now before we get the munchies or prepare to fight fight fight!
Meowth That's right! Wobbuffet! Chime Chime Chime!
We'll catch that pikachu and give it to the BAWS!!
Look's like team rocket's blazing up again!
by ssj3gotenks September 26, 2005
62 92