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A teacher too lazy to actually teach or do any work and who resorts instead to reading useless power point summaries for the entire class period not bothering to explain or go in depth into any of the material. When referring to these teachers it is common to hear the phrase "Even I could teach better than him/her." Class attendance to these teachers' classes either turns out to be a big waste of time or it provides an individual with a refreshing nap.
Michelle: Hey you're in chem 101! I need to take that class next semester. Is your teacher any good?
John: Nah he's a power point teacher. He reads his shitty slides during the entire class period and never actually teaches. I don't think anyone except him knows what's going in that class. Wanna go smoke weed with me?
Michelle: Yeah sure.
by ssicinsc February 20, 2010
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