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The word "genitalien" derives from the word genital and the word alien.

It is used to describe a sexual organ that is irregularly shaped or formed in comparison to the average person.
Did you see her vagina? That things got teeth! It looks like a genitalien!
by srm84116 August 10, 2009
Apprentasaurus derives from the words apprentice and dinosaur.

The word "apprentisaurus" is used to describe someone that has been an apprentice for an excessive amount of time, spanning year after year, never graduating to the next level, despite the progression and advancement of his peers.

Thus, the word "dinosaur" comes into play because this individual has been in apprenticeship for such a ridiculous amount of time that it's almost prehistoric!
That guy has been an apprentisaurus for 10 years! And I've been in this trade as long as he has but I've made journeyman already..
by srm84116 August 11, 2009
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