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(v) To ear fuck; specifically to talk to someone for such a period of time that they feel as if someone has fucked their ear.
I was trying to close out my last table, but the host was donning the shit out of my patrons. Looks like it'll be another late night...
#ear #fuck #host #restaurant #talk
by sraff June 04, 2012
someone you really dont like...
Most commonly used with little bear or wrigley, but also used for those who are small and weak looking,(BRYAN).....

Look at this little whistle! Someone knock him out.

Also instead of actually saying "whistle" just whistle like a bird and make an indication to the person your talking about.
#pussy #bitch #faggot #fag #girl #pansy #pansey
by SRAFF May 07, 2008
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