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A total bad-ass greaser, in her spare time she dons shades and flies to the moon. She's tough and wise-crackin', although when it comes down to it, she'll meekly show some traces of, dare I say it, fondness for her friends, which she'll immediately dismiss with an insult and a spit.

If you're in with a Madilynn, she'll offer you long explanations of worlds and ideas beyond your comprehension, and if you dare interrupt her like a square, be prepared for exile. She might sing a ditty for you, or draw lines that will make you cry, but don't mix up Tenenbaum and Sofia Lamb, or expect a hard punch to the jaw.
Total G: Damn, did you see Madilynn's gamer score? She's seriously good at Bioshock, I think she got every single achievement.

James Dean: I wish Madilynn would merely glance at me, it would complete my entire life.

Madilynn: You, me, and 1959.
by square587943574398543 January 20, 2011
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