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5 definitions by spying cow

computer or geek term to oh no, or can be ruggedly used to say the word nose
1. oh nozeors i forgot the spanish homework at my house!
2. Haha i accidently hit your nozeor
by spying cow October 18, 2006
when tea bagging a woman.. (or man?) to have such a large scrotum that you must refer to it as a potato sack
chuck norris doesnt tea bag... he potato sacks
by spying cow October 19, 2006
slang grafiti word for tagged somthing, or bombing a place
yo timmy and i bombed that new school with paint last night
by spying cow October 19, 2006
when you get hit on/or fall on your penis resulting in a very painful reaction and some funny looks
dude today in lunch i got a penis pop
by spying cow October 18, 2006
piece of cloth or a rag used to wipe off cum off peanis
i over drenched my happy rag
by spying cow August 29, 2006