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2 definitions by sporkonator

n. A man who spends too much time in the men's room at any private party or social function.
Person 1: "I've been waiting outside of this wash closet for ten minutes. What's the big idea!"

Person 2: "I don't know, but if this dickhead Toronto doesn't get a move on, I'm gonna piss myself!"

alt. v. to dickhead Toronto
by sporkonator October 07, 2010
A paper which cites one or two sources at most, not pretending to do anything more than condense the work of another author and put entirely unoriginal thoughts forward. Hence the list of citations is almost entirely "Ibid., Ibid., Ibid., Ibid..."
1 Mowinckel, S. p. 3
2 Ibid. p.3
3 Ibid. p.3
4 Ibid. p.4
5 Ibid. p.3

"Last week's tute was my third Ibid essay in a row. I can't be bothered to read more than one book a week."
by sporkonator May 28, 2009