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2 definitions by spoonsmuch

Seen as the most expensive and posh area in Southend in Essex. Full of rich people in massive houses who go there to die.

Only residents are teenagers, old people or Jews.

Nice beach though..
George: Hey dude, where're you from?
Chris: Thorpe Bay.
George: Posh twat.
by spoonsmuch October 27, 2011
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Explorer scouts are part of the boy scouting community. These are the oldest, most badass section in scouting. You can't be an explorer scout without being a pyromaniac, a ninja with a samurai sword and totally fucking awesome. They are greatly misunderstood by the whole of society who seem to be under the impression they are massive faggots who prance around doing map skills, sucking each others cocks but really they're picking out the weaklings, gaffa taping them to trees before burning their leg hair with a lighter. Mess with an Explorer Scout and don't expect to live to tell the tale.
Chino wanker: "Oi faggot, how's your scout fwends? Sucked enough cock?"
Explorer Scout: "Shut the fuck up you fucking twat or I'll cum in your mum's eye!" *totally ninja's out & chino wanker ends up tied to a tree in the middle of a burning building*
by spoonsmuch January 06, 2012
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