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Frank with an O ;-) Also: Object of sexual desire, a man of spellbinding beauty with great hair; a hot guy; a sexy mo fo
My name is Franko, that's Frank, with an O.
by spoogesponge April 20, 2008
A husband that is an escape artist and leaves without any warning or goodbye never to be seen again. See Crawford
I wish I knew where my houdini husband went.
by spoogesponge April 20, 2008
Fun times with Bex; Going off on a tangent with Bex; Getting up to NO GOOD with Bex.
"Join the bexorama baby!"
by spoogesponge April 20, 2008
Sexual activity 'hanky panky' involving at least one person called Frank/Franky/Franko.

"Hey baby, I think you're amazing. Feel like some Franky Panky? I promise I won't respect you in the morning."
by spoogesponge April 20, 2008
A man who likes to dress up as a woman like the character Dr Frank N Furter in The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
My last fuckbuddy was a total frankenfurter so it like having bad lesbian sex with a butt ugly, hairy flat-chested chick... with a real penis.
by spoogesponge April 20, 2008
A man who leaves, fucks over takes off on his girlfriend/wife without any warning or goodbye, never to return.
"I got home from work and my husband had packed up and left me. I had no idea he was leaving. He didn't even say goodbye. He's done a real Crawford on me!
by spoogesponge April 20, 2008

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