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a cool square dude that lives in bikini bottom
Spongebob and Patrick went jellyfishing!
by spongebob squarepants March 04, 2003
The MiniMurderdoll rules and is adored by all, he pwns all!
~OMG, i just got pwned by teh MMD
~Thats ok though, he r0x0rz!
by SpongeBob Squarepants November 07, 2004
cum that has dried and fermented around the asshole after a session of gay/anal sex.
God damn, that's a shit load of ass cheese.
by spongebob squarepants September 19, 2003
TWD has become synonymous with "inactive server" or "server is down now." Often the term is used to describe a whole host of computer related failures.
"My computer totally went TWD on me today. Now I will have to get a new one."


"Dear Norton, Do you have any TWD prevention software I can purchase?"
by Spongebob SquarePants April 05, 2005
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