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when you hit someone with a left and a right (combination) and then finish them off wit one to the gut.
brian: yo, that sucka called me fruity
shannon: word, how you handle dat?
brian: i two peice & biscuited that bro and asked him "who's the bitch now?"
by spolice July 26, 2005
what you say when someone tells you something that you know is a lie or an blatant exaggeration, but you just play along with it b/c it's not worth calling them up on it. it's best when said with a slight hint of a giggle and a tidbit of a crack of a smile.
guy 1: yo, dat dog came runnin' up on me, son! i was like, f**k dat, son! i grabbed him by the neck...you hear me? da neck, son! and was like, BAM! BAM! BAM!!! i slammed dat damn dawg to da ground, son! he was seein' stars, yo!

guy 2: yeah, i bet.
by spolice January 31, 2007
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