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A way of customizing a compact or mid-sized four cylinder Asian or American car that consists of garish or tasteless cosmetic modifications with little or no performance benefit. Typical modifications include:

a)An obnoxious exhaust with an overly large tip, also known as a fart can, fart cannon, or coffee can, due to their sound that resembles human farts and their shape that resembles the cans that coffee is packaged in.

b)A large spoiler or wing that resembles those found on race cars but has no performance benefit and is only for cosmetic appeal.

c)A garish "body kit" consisting of front and rear bumpers and side skirts designed to emulate the look of expensive high performance cars but instead makes the car too low to the ground to avoid speed bumps and curbs.

d)Liberal application of stickers and badges associated with high performance companies/brands/cars. Although these stickers are supposed to resemble sponsor stickers on race cars, a rice car may have stickers representing performance pars it is not equipped with. Common stickers/emblems include:"VTEC", "NOS", "EIBACH", "TYPE-R", "NISMO" and "GT-R"

f)Cheap after market wheels and tires to resemble high performance cars.

e)Paint. Usually the vehicle has a poorly maintained factory paint job and is often equipped with parts that do not match the original paint (spoilers, mirrors, body kit, hood). In the rare case where the car has a uniform custom paint job it is usually a garish flashy hue with tasteless graphics.

Rice cars can also be characterized by excessively poor workmanship in welding, painting, wiring, and the application of performance parts.
"Did you see that riced out civic with the body kit and the fake type-r emblems?"
by splew May 01, 2008

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