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The act of killing a homeless, mentally-ill, or indigent person, male or female, by any number of police agencies in British Columbia on the pretext that dead, homeless, handicapped people can tell no tales. Or testify. Or sue.
Rookie police officer: Chief, this homeless man was babbling about crackspiders when I was compelled to taser him in the nutsack. He then pulled a pair of nail clippers on me, so I was forced to unload 10 rounds of .40 into his torso. Will I have to face a bullshit investigation by another obviously biased police department?

Chief: Hell no, son. Clear case of justifiable hobo-cide.
by spinynorman April 14, 2011
Nickname given to former clientele of a now-defunct bullshit jazz bar in Kitsilano famous for the aromas of stale urinal cakes and late-middle age desparation.

Rotards are recognized by their inablity to converse on subjects not related to themselves or to their now rat-infested opium den of a restaurant. They are also infamous for occupying other local watering holes and filling them with characters ranging from self-obsessed gambling addicts to sadistic ex-high school football coaches.

The only defence against Ro-tards is to form a defensive circle and stare unblinkingly at any program on the television above one's head.
Man: Hey woody, what's up.

Woody the Ro-tard: Me memememememememememememememememeRossinis!(hummed to the tune from Moulin Rouge)
by spinynorman April 14, 2011

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