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when the general public (mainly the UK) get overly excited by the first sign of snow, and begin to disregard any rules.
e.g walking in the road
1) 'don't you just love walking in the road, i no you couldn't do this if it wasn't snowing,' 'yea, i love showing snowregard to the law'

by spikeh92 February 28, 2009
When you need something off of a parent or anyone in the same house/flat as you, you shout 3 times, starting quietly and gradually increasing into a scream on the 3rd shout.
'ahh i could really do with a drink right now but i cant be asked to get out of bed, lets see if mums around'
'mmmmm no reply'
'hmm still no reply'
thus demonstrating the perfect 'the 3 shout'
by spikeh92 February 28, 2009

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