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'Brabander', someone from Brabant, a region in The Netherlands.
Brabos drink beer and party a lot.
Those brabos really drink too much!
by Spike June 05, 2004
an action, phrase or pose that is a perfect example of someone or something named "struan".


the faithful belief that someone or something named "struan" has status equal to that of a deity or demi-god; akin to a cult.
1. "i eat cheese really really slowly; i take immense pleasure from it" - a struanism.

2. "struan is god" - a struanism principle.
by Spike May 03, 2003
A single phrase or overall tendancy in a person to over-use (or use at all) swear-words and foul insults or phrases (these being deemed foul and sweary by members of high culture).
we're far too nice to mention this. you know who you are.
by Spike May 03, 2003
An action taken by an amateur in the manner or style of the master; possibly with the outcome typical of the master.

Three 'e's important.
*breaks down the door and shoots four guys, before dodging three bullets*

*dribbles the ball past six men before blazing home a thirty-yard pile-driver*
"ruud van-nistelrooy-styleee"
by Spike May 03, 2003
(also ya hoe or ya-hoe)

1. A webcam internet slut found on Yahoo! chat.

2. Any woman that you meet on the internet that shows her tits on cam within ten minutes of coaxing. They are often added to buddy lists of instant messaging services for future entertainment.
1. It only took me 2 minutes to get this ya hoe's titties on cam!

2. I'm amassing ya hoes to keep me entertained on rainy days.
by SPiKe January 27, 2004
Noun. variant of BITCH or BIZNATCH

1. An overly disagreeable woman

2. A whiney male
1. I wanted to slap that bilznatch so badly; she's been bitching all fucking day.

2. Stop being a little bilznatch, dude.
by Spike May 01, 2004
Another word for a fruit when you realize they were once flower ovaries.
". . We're eating FRUIT BABIES!?!?"
by Spike March 15, 2004

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