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Super sexy, hip couple who are the envy of the crowd who discuss Haiti and short person tossing. Messing with cabbies is their favorite past time. They also possess the ability to thwart all face eating dogs and often concuss each other with vicious kisses and fake fight about stupid stuff just to keep the other on their toes. They also like to take big relationship steps while completely wasted and have problems with one dress in particular and get mad when it's still on/double knotted. But they are completely and unequivocally in love.
Wow, Luke and Tiff are radmatazical!
by spiffs April 22, 2010
When a person runs their fingers all over your body to simulate a jellyfish's tentacles.
Stop jellyfishing all over me! It's creeping me out!
by spiffs April 22, 2010
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