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The term "surething" means exactly the same thing as the sentence or statement "Sure thing." This term is basically and almost always utilized in online conversations. It expresses a response similar to: "Of course" or "Hells yeah". It's used by hipsters and gangstarrs alike and also shows rebellion in the refusal to type another space (as if teens today didn't abbreviate enough). Part of the hipness of such a term is that it never has been and never shall be abbreviated. Ever.
This would display an online conversation:
S*********9 (9:47:23 PM): "Are you gonna make it to Eric's party tonight?"
c**************n (9:47:02 PM):"Surething"
by spideygal19 April 11, 2007
Birthdeath is a word that can be used as a verb or noun. It basically means the sudden beginning and sudden end of an event, reltionship, etc. As a verb the term "Birthdeath" can describe how a event, relationship, etc. is or was. It's a strange and difficult word to put into context but will eventually be assimilated into the human language.
"How was the party, man?"
"Man, it birthdeathed its way into a terrible memory of mine"
"How was your day?"
"A total birthdeath!" (Meaning your day went quickly)
by spideygal19 April 11, 2007

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