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any cat found in or around your house that does not belong to you. can be on stoop or lying under your car. should be scared away. will make your own cats jealous.
Hannah came home to see a strangercat on her dad's car and it made Walter jealous because he can't go outside.
by spiderfrommars June 28, 2009
Birkenmocks are any type or brand of fake Birkenstocks. Hence the stem word "mock". Birkenmocks are cheaper than the actual hippie shoes and can often be found on the feet of cheap/broke activists, treehuggers, peacniks, along with many lazy high schoolers. These shoes say "I'm a hippie on a budget".
Mari was too broke for the real thing, so she bought some Birkenmocks from Payless.
by spiderfrommars June 28, 2009
noun: any type of government for the people and by the people that also likes to PaRtY aLL th3 TiM3

adjective: as crazy as Democrats Joe Biden, Howard Dean or Denis Kucinich
"Yo man, Massachusetts is is such a Democrazy."

"I know what you mean, Barney Frank is democrazy!"
by spiderfrommars December 11, 2009

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