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1: an overly promiscuous girl.
2: a girl that gives more rides than greyhound.
geez, that paris chick sure is one hell of a boy-go-round.
by spiderdan September 05, 2005
An unknown entity that excretes odorous gasses on unsuspecting victims. Persons that claim to have had encounters with phartoms claim to notice a temperature change, their neck hairs rise or a breeze blowing.
i don't know where that bad smell came from- must be a phartom in da house.
by spiderdan July 04, 2005
(1) The action of randomly hitting someone over the head with a ping-pong paddle.
(2) What big donkeys do to make little donkeys.
(3) The act of screwing someone for money -derived from bonking, which is the act of screwing someone for fun. This type of donking is very common in the world of professional boxing.
(1) Stop donking me with that paddle.
(2) No need to be graphic here.
(3) Jeff Fenech and Mike Tyson have both been victims of donking during their boxing careers.
by spiderdan July 04, 2005

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