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An incredibly terrible rapper that resides in North Cape May, New Jersey (not the Villas, New Jersey) who, due to popular belief, is a beast in the streets, cocks on the steel, and will put you in the ground with black gloves and a black mask. He frequently "disses" another rapper by the name of Young Raw. However it has been rumored that Nine Millz himself just made him up.
"Yo that Nine Millz has got some weak ass rhymes!"
by sphillips609 March 08, 2010
The act of seducing somebody with the offer of juice.
"Mrs. Jefferson sejuiced that young black man from down the street with some of her homemade fruit punch."
by sphillips609 March 07, 2010
any room of the home in which a distinct odor builds up. in most cases this room is where a member of the household with a flatulance issue is sent for an unknown period of time or until they're able to take care of the issue.
"Yo Tom if you keep cutting the cheese over there man you'll be making a trip to the fartlocker."
by sphillips609 March 08, 2010
When one person or a group of people go out in public and perform acts that by others are seen as extremely cool.
"Tom and I are going to go rozentaling outside the supermarket later today."
by sphillips609 March 07, 2010
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