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1:The ahtCutewithchris.com of being fundiverous.
2:The study of being fundiverous
1:When one is "indescribably funny" they are also known as being fundiverous
2:When one is not funny, they may study the aht of being fundiverous in hopes of one day being more than funny.(They would be "studying up" on the aht fundiverosity)
by spcdt August 10, 2008
1:Extremely Fun
2:Funner then fun
3:Sarcasm for fun
4:Fundiverous - see "fundiverosity"
1:Sean-Wow I'm having a great time.
Dom-Me too, this is fundiverous!
2:Sean-Wow, this Wii is fun...
Dom-No this Wii is fundiverous
3:Sean-I'm bored...
Dom-Are you kidding me? This is fundiverous *lol* nah just kidding this is beat.
by spcdt August 10, 2008

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