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A drinking game for which you need:-

1) A coin
2) An empty pint glass
3) Any alcoholic beverage
4) Players

You then sit around a table in a large group. The first person must pour an amount of alcohol into a glass, depending on how confident they are that they can predict the outcome of the coin toss and how much they can drink they pour more or less into the glass, hence the name of the game. They must then toss a coin and call heads or tails, if they are correct then the glass is passed to the next person. If they call wrong they have to down the contents of the glass.
Tom: 'I can predict the outcome of a coin toss every time'
Chris: 'Really, you should be good at Arrogance then'
Tom: 'I'm good at everything, me'
Chris: 'Cool'
Tom: 'Right, *pours half litre of vodka into pint glass*, tails never fails, I predict it will be tails' *tosses coin*

*coin lands on heads*

Chris: 'Haha consume you bastard'
by spazzDUCK August 23, 2011

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