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2 definitions by spazlink

A string which, when pronounced by Microsoft's "Sam" text-to-speech engine, sounds quite amusing. Variants produce similar sounds, but it was first discovered with a w.
"hey, check this new game out."
by spazlink January 01, 2006
n - a night in which you must read about 50 pages of material for a quiz or test the next day.
blasytic, blasytly

v.i. - to read about 50 pages of material for the purposes of completing a quiz or test the following day.
"That damn teacher always assigns so much work; I've had 3 blasyts in a row."

"No, don't take that class, it's incredibly blasytic."

"I'm gonna have to blasyt if I want to pass this class." "That sucks."
by SpazLink February 08, 2005