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Intellectually stimulating hobby enjoyed by men and women, young and old, and people of all cultures. Not just for balding men.

Includes a number of sub-hobbies, including: morse code (CW), digital modes (think chat on the radio), amateur television, even bouncing radio signals off the moon. Endless possibilities.
I've been an amateur radio operator for 15 years, and it's a great way to meet new friends and introduce one another. Don't listen to the haters.
by spatulasaucepan March 09, 2008
sarcastic phrase meaning "that was really gross/inappropriate/stupid and you're an idiot." Comes from group therapy, where everyone is encouraged to share their feelings and is recognized for sharing.
Quentin: "I just won the statewide Rubik's Cube championship."

Potential girlfriend: "Thanks for sharing."
by spatulasaucepan January 20, 2008
When the non-physically challenged park in handicapped parking spaces. Often these drivers will use a relative's handicapped pass or an expired temporary pass as a cover.
Eduardo: "Wanna go to the movies tonight? I heard that Mighty Ducks 71 is playing."

Gertrude: "Doesn't your granddad have mad cow disease? How about pulling a handy and beating the ticket line. I'm sure that he won't mind if we take his Yugo."
by spatulasaucepan June 16, 2007

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