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1 definition by sparklemotionshimmer

1. A weird humanoid that can usually be found taking photographs of trees & other things, including her much adored cat. Generally distinguished from other humanoids by her avoidance of phones, desire to speak Enochian, almost obsessive love of ampersands & typography, being barefoot in most cases & claiming she is part Gelfling from a rogue planet.
2. A massively underdeveloped genius with an ISTP personality; morbidly creepy, but cheerful about it.
3. A wayward human with no general idea of where she is going, or what she is doing, but generally lives through her adventures.Social media addict; consultant.
4. Redhead with a little bit of soul. Hufflepuff. House Arryn.

English Monroe, from Irish Gaelic Rothach

Monroe loves her animals. She takes gorgeous photographs. She likes to explore, and has an amazing Tumblr.
Monroe is super mega foxy awesome hot.
by sparklemotionshimmer March 31, 2012