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The "prison mustache", as popularized by members of the Aryan Brotherhood prison gang is an exaggerated version of the Handlebar Mustache. The ends of the "handlebars" are allowed to grow very thick and bushy. It somewhat resembles a long, thick goatee beard with the point of the chin shaved.
That guy is definitely an ex-con. Look at his prison mustache and his Nazi Low Rider tats.
by sparkhammer November 09, 2010
The Piper is a metaphorical figure, like the Grim Reaper, who represents karma, accountability, a final reckoning for one's misdeeds, in short He Who Must Be Paid. He appears on your doorstep in motley, wearing bells and a foolscap. You can run from him but you can't hide--sooner or later he will find you and make you pay for your antics.
"Joe thought he could bang that ugly girl and then slip away in the morning and never have to deal with her again. Now she's calling him ten times a day. Joe's paying the Piper."
by sparkhammer March 26, 2013

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