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The name Ralph was derived from the Ancient Viking name "Radulf" who was a Viking King or Lord also pronounced (Rah-thool-fr). To decribe Ralph, he is a gentleman, dashing, Loyal, masculine, charming, rugged strong, very protective over his love's of his life. Compassionate, romantic, cheeky silly, comical, attentive, focused head strong.Very sentimental only to thoes he trusts, does not let his guard down to outsiders. Intolerant of thoes that try and hurt his life or family, faithful dedicated to one woman! Prefers to step back and Analyse things first, very pratical, Little badass.
Ralph (Dashing) (masculine) (charming) (sentimental)
by spanky38 February 07, 2010
The name Korista repesents a Natural beauty, with come hither eyes, Exotic ways, Flirtatious, Strong willed painfully Truthful. Smart witty, Intelligent, trustworthy, Proud. Dangerously Protective, Loyal, Expressive, Sexy nerd, Informative with good or useless information. Hard working, reliable, viewed as stuborn. Prefers to be secluded with the ones she loves away from the trouble's of the world. Loves music with meaning. Romantic, loves nature and animals. True to who she loves, Spunky, freewilled, crazy bitch.
Korista a (sexy) (beauty)
by spanky38 February 07, 2010

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