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noun; a line of jizz shot with great authority, targeted at the facial region
when i hit her in the eye with a spooge rocket i left the room and celebrated.
by spank e monk e July 11, 2004
a state of confusion resulting from being the therefore mentioned Dean. common sense and the ability to reason are askewed in a manner reflecting "the new breed of man"
Just because that girl said hi to you doesnt mean she is in love with, man you have some Dean logic; by the way, she was a sea donkey anyway.
by spank e monk e August 27, 2004
a security agent that takes extra pride in 'grasping' their role and 'handling' their responsibilities while 'protecting' flyers 'freedom(s)'
so I hear you are flying for your vacation? Be sure to take extra draws and some kleenex, there's a good chance they may 'come' in 'handy' when you face the TSA wiener screener
by spank e monk e January 19, 2011
verb; a pronounced position wherein the said Dean stalks unknowing prey
dude, stop giving that cida the dean stare... (cida+ sea donkey)
by spank e monk e October 16, 2004
a trophy or medal given to someone for basically existing
guy 1--- hey joe, how did you manage to win father of the year, you dont even have kids.

guy 2--- silly hector, that's the beauty of an obamaward.
by spank e monk e January 19, 2011
a hemorrhoid that partially closes off a portion of the cornhole causing extreme pushing, burning and/or itching
i'm on an all soup diet so i can avoid further roid block
by spank e monk e January 19, 2011
slang for mookie stinks, term used when liquid poo is oozing out of the diaper, and you dont have time to explain the kid shat on the carpet
honey, what is that smell?

i dont know, i'll go check..... baby made keeta....... burn the carpet
by spank e monk e January 19, 2011
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