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Adj. Stupid, foolish, and glutonous. Cannot properly function after receiving commands or orders. Physically twice it's own age. Revolves around food and useless things. Has no ability to learn.
Spaniel is quite spanielish.
by Spaniel June 13, 2004
Noun. Complete opposite of spaniel. God may be considered an anti-spaniel.
See: "spaniel" or "Spanielish"
God is the perfect anti-spaniel. Spaniel is the complete opposite of god.
by spaniel July 05, 2004
Noun. Daniel Spianli. Mix of the first and last name of Daniel Spinali. A completely different race of human, only one exists. See: "Spanielish"
Spaniel is quite spanielish, he won't stop begging me for food.
by spaniel July 05, 2004
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