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were not sluts, and we dont sleep with all the guys we roll with. talk your shit, iDGAF bitch. we wear brands like, srh (supporting radical habbits) founded by Kottonmouth kings and metal mulisha, FMF and no fear. we party like no other and we can more than likey kick your ass. true bro hoes know how to fight. were tan from domitating on our dirtbikes and quads. most of us have blonde and black hair. we love our black eyeliner and mascara, we roll with hot ass bro's. so dont be jealous. or do. we listen to dank ass music. (kottonmouth kings, kingspade, big b and potluck.) dont trip on us cause we are dank as fuck.
im repping 818 sunland-tujunga bro hoe.
by spaded922 April 25, 2010

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