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1. of course
2. an expression of shock
3. are u lying to me?
1. fo sham...course im goin to buy you a christmas present
2. Fo sham! so it was the skipper who left gilligan with the cannibals... im shocked
2. You tellin me the truth boy? Fo sham? best not be lyin to me!
by spaceghost December 18, 2003
a mix between rolling on the floor laughing, leggo my eggo, and shut you losers for typing in rofl when you beat some n00b's ass in a MMORPG, FPS, or other online game
wtf? rofl my wofl 455-h073!!
by spaceghost December 18, 2003
The tragic punishment that god has "blessed" us with after we have long hard sex.
We just made babies and now we are gonna get raped.
by Spaceghost January 20, 2004
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