3 definitions by soysauce

When you're eating out a girl while shes having her period
Dude why is your face so bloody?
Because i just gave my girl a rambo kiss mwah!
by soysauce June 21, 2004
A Drink created by SoySauce with the following contents:

1 Part Shasta Cola (can be Coke or pepsi but may taste different)

1 Part Lemonade

Some Jello

Some Syrup

Some Powdered sugar

Stir in a large bowl until powdered sugar is gone. It is not needed for the jello to be gone as well ... it has to be chunky somehow. :)
I was bored, and needed a sugar rush, so I made some SoySauce's Chunky Juice.
by SoySauce December 16, 2003
eating out a girl while shes throwing up. its named after the sex goddess of malaysia whos currently 14.
I gave her the sharifah kiss last night
by soysauce June 21, 2004

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