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something you put on so you wont smell like dennis rodman when you sweat.
hey you smell like chicken fricasee wear some deoderant next time.
by sowhatifisaidthat November 18, 2004
boy+girl+relationship+intercourse+sperm+9 months=baby or could be.. stupid curious teenagers+no condoms=std or..a human baby
one fact:everyone started out as babies.
by sowhatifisaidthat November 18, 2004
a band i enjoy listening to they're fairly good but the members are kinda fugly
teenie: I SoO LiEk LIsTeNINg tOO SuM 41 sO WaHt If dOo...sO LiEk ShOoT mE
me: gladly *bang*
by sowhatifisaidthat November 18, 2004
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