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A facebook junkie, someone who logs, or posts every damn time they take a breath, and even worse every time they exhale.
I am waiting to go barhopping with my bro, but he is such a flakebooker, i am leaving without him.
by southpawhunter December 04, 2011
An intellectual mocking of the current vampire series twilight.
Even i had a free movie ticket i wouldn't see the twilame movie.
by southpawhunter December 07, 2011
An intellectual mocking of the current twilight vampire series.
No i will not be going to the new twi-lame movie. Besides what kind of a main character is a vegetarian-vampire.
by southpawhunter December 04, 2011
pass-pull aim squeeze sweep-acronym for using a fire extinguisher in case of fire. new acronym of pass during pull out sex. PULL AIM SQEEZE SKEET
i'm gonna pass on my girlfriends face after her eyebrows get waxed
by southpawhunter November 17, 2011

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