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a school where the fire alarm gets pulled twice a week by some ghetto kid considering the fact that half the kids in that school think they are some "hardcore" gangsters. you'll see some bitch prego every corner you turn in. not to mention the factthat freshmen girls are sluts & try to get with any upperclassmen that will look at them. & the sophmore girls walk aroud like theres some stick up there ass thinking there hottstuff because there no longer freshmen someone tell the boys there still under classmen being sophmores. and not to mention the juniors who think there cool cause they can finally drive with there new cars. and brag about there weekends. seniors...there leaving so they dont matter. but the guys are creeps trying to get with freshmen sluts. the halls are over crowded. and teachers are extremly strict.
YOU:what school do you go to?
ME:south elgin high school.
YOU:damn that blows!
ME:yeah just like the freshmen girls.
#bartlett #freshmen #streamwood #seniors #drive #prego
by southelginstudent May 14, 2009
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