11 definitions by southcentralian

a crip gang known for hangin out at da "World on Wheels in south central la. one of there main rivals is da NHC sixty crips
dem school yard crips is bitches. when da 60's went up to world on wheels dey didnt do shit
by southcentralian July 21, 2004
one of the gangs dat later became bloods along wit da brims en other gangs. der r different kinds of piru like fruit town piru.
PK all muafuccin day
by southcentralian July 23, 2004
A ok rapper who claims to be a crip when he reelly aint. long beach crip... man fucc dat shit!
wigga: snoop dogg iz a pimp fa shizzle
me: (pulls out a 9mm en pulls trigger) SHUT UP!!!
wigga:......(nothin hes fucc dead) lol
by southcentralian October 25, 2004
loc is sometime used by crips mainly by da GSWC (Grape street watts crip)
wut up loc
by southcentralian June 29, 2004

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