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2 definitions by soultaker2008

A person who uses Lightweight, Marathon and Commando, and a tactical Knife in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. Most of these players Will run around the map at crazy speeds to Knife someone from a distance. It Becomes very annoying and these kind of people are not liked very much.
Corey: "Hey joe, did you know that Brandon is a CODMW2 Runner?"

Joe: "Really? What a fag."
Corey "I know i hate him sometimes cause its so cheap"
by soultaker2008 February 11, 2010
11 4
Nobody knows what it is. But when you see it; You will know.
Steven: "What the fuck is that?!?"

Jose: "I believe that is a Bisexual Cake Flap."
Steven: "So THATs what it looks like."
by soultaker2008 February 12, 2010
6 16