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The gatekeeper is a woman who is either petty, fat or ugly (or a combination of the three) that will forbid access to interaction with the other women in the group. She will be the unofficial spokeswoman, denying all to get close enough to work their charms on the other women... and she must be taken out, by any means necessary! usually, the wingman will take out this cock blocker, but if she is not diverted, no one is getting any action. best accomplished with ego stroking, feigned interest and extra alcohol (pending on how unattractive she is, you may need it for yourself). the man who falls on this live grenade doesn't buy drinks that night or the next guys night out.
me and the fellas were at the sports bar, and saw thse sexy ass girls, but the damn gatekeeper was cock blocking like she was on the All Madden team! I ended up with the short straw and had to take out the gatekeeper this time.
by soulbrotha2 November 23, 2007

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