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2 definitions by soror

A phenomenon that occurs only at parties, wherein the female revelers will begin acting in a homo-erotic manner to impress their male dates - however, when confronted with actual pussy, have no idea what they are doing, and no desire to find out.
Person One: "Omfg check out Emma...oh hawt."
Person Two: "It's a trap, she's straight."
Person One: "Then why is she kissing my date?"
Person Two: "Cuz she's bein' a cocktease...she caught Blink's eye a few weeks ago and when she got her alone, she freaked out. "
Person One: "Bummer, just a lesbian at parties."
by Soror August 28, 2006
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Synonymous with "whatever floats your boat." Slightly derisive.
Mother: "You know, I never thought about nipple piercings, but whatever trips your trigger, sweetie."
by soror May 08, 2010
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