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Basically the Greek god of partying! Well technically he was the god of Wine, and all the effects that came with it. Bastard son of Zeus and Persephone or possibly Semele (daughter of Cadmus).
party revelers: Cheers to Dionysus...now let's get wasted!
by sophster88 October 31, 2007
Slang for Rohnert Park Police
SSU student: Watch out for the ropo popo, they can smell illegal activity!
SSU student2: That's hella true, just last week...
by sophster88 October 17, 2007
Reference to SSU/Sonoma area. Not widely used, but easily recognized by true Seawolves...don't ask, it's a Jack London thing!

James: What are you doing this weekend?
Bo: Headin' back to 'Noma
by sophster88 October 17, 2007

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