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- a gurl whos got a sexxay ass
- a stunnah
- farthest thing from being a "fatty"
Ed: "Hey bro, did u see ur gurlfriend today?? Just sayin, shes a Maarika!!"
Joe: "Yah bro I saw her! CUTE AINT SHE!!"

woah hot stuff
by sophielout November 07, 2011
"a asian who like to wear a stupid sweater with a monkey and bannana on'

"a creep who never knows when to fuck off"
Lout1: "omg guess what"
Lout2: "WHAT?!??!"
Lout1: "that kieff keeps msging me!!!"
Lout2: "oh man, that sux the big one"

creep lout booty
by sophielout November 07, 2011
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