12 definitions by sooper!

Sneaking aboard freight trains as a means of transportation.
by Sooper! June 09, 2002
Type of punk rock that relies on heavy, rapid-fire delivery.
The Dead Kennedy's IN GOD WE TRUST, INC. EP relies mostly on old hardcore riffs rather than the snazzy hooks the band is best known for.
by Sooper! June 09, 2002
The act of satisfying a penis with one's mouth.
Ken's bum hurt from bicycling all day, so rather than make love, he and Rob decided to perform oral sex on eachother.
by Sooper! June 09, 2002
Youthful, only slightly muscular, relatively hairless gay man.
by Sooper! June 09, 2002
Retarded. Slow.
I didn't sleep last night and I've been really sped today!
by Sooper! June 09, 2002
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