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Eric Cartmen is a character in South Park. In most episodes he is the focus of the show. He is extremely negative and destructive in his thoughts and actions. That might have something to do with the fact that his mother is a hermaphrodite town slut and he is big boned(not fat).
1. Eric Cartmen : Now I am done measuring everyone's penis size.

Stan : Dude, your penis size is yet to measured.

Eric : I measured mine this morning. It is 13.7" long.

Stan : Your penis is not 13.7". We'll measure your penis in front of witnesses.

Eric : Now you want to measure guys' penises? What are you, a HOMO?

Stan : You just measured everyone's penis.

Eric : OK FINE.

Stan : (Measures Eric's penis size) It is 1.2".


Eric : Mom! I want iPad2 with 64gb and 3g.

Eric's Mom : Eric, that is too expensive. We can't afford that. Look here, you can get Toshiba's tablet instead. It has all the features of iPad and is much cheaper.


Eric' Mom : I am not buying that.

Eric : (Turns his back towards his mom, squats and gets down his pant) Mom why don't you take me to the Greasemonkey. I liked to be lubed before I get FUCKED.
by sooommmeeoonnneeeee July 10, 2011
When used by a woman, it means that the woman got horny because she met an attractive man and indulged in some sort of sex with him. The woman refers to herself as mama and does not necessarily mean that she is a mother.

Mentioned in the movie 'The Dilemma'.
Bert : Honey, why do you have a guilty look on your face?

Sue : Bert, I want you to know that you are my number one man but Mama got thirsty last night.

Bert : (Walks out angrily)
by sooommmeeoonnneeeee July 09, 2011

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