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!. a word used to describe an individual of the male gender who by all outward appearances, tries way too hard either to be cool or to exhibit a particular stereotype, or tries to use a certain hooby to make themselves more attractive to women but does not make any money off of said activity. This includes but is not limited to, bleached hair, surfer hair, tattos, muscle cars, lifted trucks, facial piercings, frequent lies, chest bumping, cock waving,fauhawks, muscle flexing, expensive sunglasses, european cars, Sports jersies, single color outfits, sports apparel, cowboy hats, trucker hats, black eyeliner, bangs covering half the face, tight pants on guys with no ass, skateboarding and sagging.
Friend: hey whats up with that carrie chick?

Me: she's dating some douschebag who cant decide if hes a redneck or a gangsta.
by sonofturbo October 07, 2009
This is a word that is typically used by a know it all just before they release a flood of complete and total bullshit on an unsuspecting victim. What follows is usually restated later by the victim as a "fact".
Me: hey my dog eats his own poop its so disgusting

Friend: Actually; its good for dogs to eat their own poop because it helps them maintain the healthy bacteria from their digestive tract.

Me: Oh......(does he seriously expect me to buy that load of bullsit?)
by sonofturbo October 07, 2009
this is the girl in every group of friends that nobodies really sure whose friend she is, or who called her out, but is mysteriously always around at parties bars clubs and any general weekend get together. this chick is morbidly obese by medical definition wich is a minimum of 50 pounds overweight. She for some reason acts like she is sexy and is overly flirtatious with the known single guys in the group, and typically makes obscene and unwelcome comments such as: you can touch my breasts, ill go down, do you want a backrub, you know you like it, and i love penis. She is also usually very grabby. to add insult to injury this girl is almost always painfully unattractive.
Friend:Omg who is that girl she just grabbed my ass, i feel so violated.

Me: oh thats the token fat chick.
by sonofturbo October 07, 2009
a gym-scrub is a guy who goes to the gym religiously and convinces himself hes getting stronger by doing his reps less and less legit each time he does it. examples would be using your legs and throwing your back to do seated row, either bouncing the bar off of your chest or leaving an 8 inch gap when doing bench press and swaying back and forth while doing curls. the more exagerated the movement the more weight the individual can lift.
friend: why is that guy hella throwing the free weights around with his body?

ME: oh it makes him feel tough to do that with 50 pound dumbells cus hes a gym-scrub.
by sonofturbo October 07, 2009
this is a standard definiton of time used today that bears no real conviction whatsoever, fifteen minutes can be anyware between five minutes and five hours or possibly longer if the individual stating the fifteen minute deadline is a real flake. This is a timeframe typically given by an individual with a minimum 30 minute drive to thier destination that hasnt even woken up yet who is already late when you call them to find out where they are. This timeframe is also given by the same individual when they are stuck in traffic a minimum of 15 miles away that is moving at 5 miles an hour, we can all do the math on that one.
Me: Dude what the fuck, ive been waiting for you for like an hour where the hell are you

Friend: Ill be there in fifteen minutes
by sonofturbo October 07, 2009
these are the fat people at the gym who give up before they start sweating, drink everything but water while working out. and head strait to subway for a footlong meatball sub afterwards. In their mind since they go to the gym 3 times a week and eat subway they think they are doing something productive.
Friend: look at that chick over there, why is he drinking sobe while shes on the treadmill?

Me: oh shes here everyday afterward she goes to subway and gets a footlong. shes a permafatty.
by sonofturbo October 07, 2009
1. When a group of people who are really terrible at something gt together to do that exact activity, peope who cannot play guitar hero or rockband on the expert setting, yet get together and hold a tournament, people who have extremely slow cars and get together at the local reacetrack to run over 14 second quartermile times, any art galleries for preschoolers or metally handicapped people.

2. when a single individual goes on an unfortunate series of events in wich none of them go the way he or she intended, among these series of events one instance of falling down in a matter that lacks any notion of grace is required, usually said individual ends up humiliating themselves publicly on an epic scale.
Friend: what happend last night, its like i got hit by the bad karma bus

Me: I dont know but that was the greatest failfest ive ever seen.
by sonofturbo October 07, 2009

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