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0. Everything and nothing at once
1. of OR relating to Memetic connotation
Nothing more, nothing less and nothingness
2. P.O.T.H. Pretentiously Observed Things of Humor
3. Meme for Shit happens
4. (X) Chance of hilarity
5. Penultimate Pwnage
6. Ubiquitous term that confuses
7. Congregation of Potheads
8. Congregation of Memetics, Past, Present, Future Tense
9. Succumbing to Par aphasia
10. Neologism, and succumbing to Neologism
11. Circumstantial promiscuity OR stigma
12. Meme not without equal Memetics
13. Reciprocal yet trite
Shakespeare Poth:

or? typo for both
Murphy's Law Anything poth automatically becomes more poth if it is stroked by an aging German leatherslut.
In relation to Murphy's Law, parallel dynamics of Memetic
ie. Maybe there's a crashing meteor outside and it's time to have angry gayness

see: The Big Lebowski
see: crustacious

POTH *Pig Sloth Posh Goth Pothead Gothtard orgy*
The scene at the Synthpop fest:
Hundreds of sad, moody goths, dressed in black+dayglow, in a picnic/bbq setting, glumly eating potato salad.
by somnambulanz October 08, 2009

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